Another Post on Emotional Labour? Yep!

I’d seen this floating around Facebook for a few days but finally clicked on it today and first went ugh


Has your husband ever asked you what’s going on in your mind? We all know that the way the male and female brain operate are completely different. But just how different are they?

And then went

If you’ve read the last few posts of mine I think you know what followed that “Ooooh.” It was “fucking emotional labour!”

Initially I was irritated by the “mens and womens are so different! LOL RIGHT GUISE?!” and then I went “Oh, right, men and women think really fucking differently because women have a lot more balls to juggle.”

Out of roughly 29 categories, about 12 would fall under emotional labour and 3 would fall under patriarchal beauty constructs. Deconstructing those categories would find a lot more emotional labour but I don’t think it’s necessary here. Rather, I want to point out that 16 of the 29 categories the unnamed wife of Stephen is thinking about are things that are coded feminine and pressures that are disproportionately thrust on women and femmes.

And Stephen? Stephen “thought the drawing was hilarious.”


One thought on “Another Post on Emotional Labour? Yep!

  1. Hahah I love this!!! And I relate SO MUCH!! It actually scares me to think of what would come out if I tried this… the dirt under the fridge would probably be on mine too though..

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