Share It Sunday

Welcome to Share It Sunday! I’ve read some great stuff this week and I’m gonna share the four pieces that stand out for me.

First up, this great piece by Erin Brown:

All of this is based in the understand we have the women’s bodies are here for commentary. We are here to be looked at, commented on, assessed for sexual advances and are public property in this way. That messaging has to stop. And it stops at the beginning. It stops at the (perhaps often, not at all malicious) cat-calling. So that it doesn’t end in forced undressing. The message needs to be clear when it is less likely to be doing any long-term harm.

This is one of my favourite pieces ever:

I wish to dispel the notion that women are “more emotional.” I don’t think we are. I think that the emotions women stereotypically express are what men call “emotions,” and the emotions that men typically express are somehow considered by men to be something else.

Because Emma Thompson is a god damned treasure:

At Cambridge in the early 1980s, Thompson shaved her head and grunged out, as the times permitted. Her feminism was uncompromising and it stayed that way after her hair grew back. It is absurd that, by talking without caveat about sexism, she is considered almost eccentrically radical by the standards of her industry. (She traces the destruction of the Arctic – the fact that we’re “fucking the Earth over right, left and centre” – to patriarchal standards set during the industrial age. Most Hollywood actresses would rather die than use the word “patriarchy”.)

And finally, this brilliant and difficult piece from Mychal Denzel Smith (CN: domestic violence and misogyny):

We have this problem in our discourse around the most important challenges we face where we feel we have to be “fair to both sides.” But sometimes, one of those sides is subjugation and oppression. If you’re OK with legitimizing that side in the interest of “fairness,” you’re essentially saying you’re OK with oppression as a part of the human condition. That’s some hateful shit.


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