Share It Sunday

Inspired by the very cool Lacy Davis I’m starting Share It Sunday where I post the things I’ve read, watched, eaten, and listened to in the past week that have left a mark, and are fighting the good fight.

Citizen Radio interviews “Matthew McConaughey” and talk prison reform and Game of Thrones’ consent problem.

I watched Blackfish, the documentary about Tillikum the orca at SeaWorld Orlando who killed a trainer a couple of years ago, this week. It was very hard to watch. Orcas are sensitive, intelligent, community-oriented animals who are quite literally kidnapped when young away from their families and put into concrete pools with orcas from different areas/tribes and made to perform day in and day out. One of the experts interviewed described Tillikum as having psychosis–it really wouldn’t surprise me if he had PTSD (or the animal equivalent). And his punishment for acting out after years and years of maltreatment is essentially solitary confinement, which, in humans, is understood by many (including me) as a form of torture. For an animal that is even more socially-oriented than humans and (presumably) doesn’t have the capacity to understand what is going on, it is abhorrent.

This piece on marijuana and brain abnormalities is a great step-by-step refutation of a poorly-done study that bald-face lied about its findings. It’s a great example of why scientific literacy is important, knowing how to understand stats is useful in day to day life, and looking at funding and conflicts of interest is an integral part of being a critical media (and science) consumer.

And this brilliant piece by Sarah Hannah is a body revolution raging against the suffocating confines of our toxic culture. A sample:

My body is tired of being locked down, strapped in and harnessed into compliance.

My body is tired of contorting itself for approval.

My body is tired of contorting itself into invisibility so that it may not draw what it is entitled to.

My body is tired of contorting itself to minimize the risk of threats that come with not walking alongside a man.

You should go read the rest. It’s really good.



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